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We aim to successfully safeguard
and ensure protection to every environment, of any size!


WippyIdea S.r.l. is an on-going search for simple solutions that are high-performing and efficient at the same time.
We focus on designing useful products and solutions: breakthrough, designed to be suitable for any environment, zero-impact, long-lasting, to sanitize and fight against any type of pollution.

Particularly, our products can prove a precious help of self-disinfection to greatly reduce the transmission of viruses and bacteria, in any public space where the problem is more frequent, e.g. hospitals and nursing homes where major healthcare-related infections persist.

Ideal for: public means of transport, schools, hospitals, hotels, fitness centers, .. in the agri-food and livestock sector also for greenhouses and intensive farmings.


Our ambition: to effectively secure from a health perspective any indoor or outdoor space, of any size, in order to minimize any type of pollution.


Everything started in 2015: we realized the potential critical weakness, from a bacterial point of view, that money passing from hand to hand could engender on everyday objects such as money, smartphones, shopping charts, toys, ATM keyboards, shoes, clothes… thus Sweepcart saw the light: the first machine to sanitize shopping charts, meant for the large-scale distribution.



We liked the idea so much that we decided to extend it to other fields, and match it with the Italian flair and design: at Salone del Mobile 2017 in Milan we presented the first method to sanitize wardrobes, in partnership with a Company of the furniture sector.

In the same year, WiWell® comes out from the combination of months of studies and an inspired idea: a nanometer additive that, if activated by sunlight or artificial light, unleashes photocatalysis: an action able to reduce and oxidize all pollutants on surfaces and the surrounding environment.



Liventia makes its appearance at Fuori Salone di Milano 2018. Innovation, design, love, affection for the native land: all condensed in a table lamp. The algae of the river of our city decorate this table lamp, which at the same time enlightens and disinfects the room where it is placed.
Liventia is the first of a series of design components, such as shoe cabinets, or sanitizing racks fo motorbike helmets, smartphones, the contents of pockets, everyday objects…



The outbeak of Covid-19 has impressed and worried us, and we started thinking if our products could be of any help to overcome this problem.

Aware of the properties of photocatalysis in the elimination of viruses, we wanted to check if WiWell® could also eliminate SARS-CoV-2.  After further studies and closer insights on photocatalysis, we decided to test our product and looked for laboratories that could help us in this issue, verifying and certifying WiWell®.
We consulted three laboratories (two in Italy and one abroad) who indipendently and in different ways conducted their tests on SARS-CoV-2, certifying excellent efficacy results!

We thought of a solution to eliminate viruses, bacteria and bad smells, that could be aesthetically pleasing and not invasive at the same time.  We developed WiGlass®: a photocatalytic oneway film, easy to apply on any surface…


A special attention has been addressed to children and young people, who unfortunately have been among the most penalized during the pandemic.  With the view to protecting their health was born WiTeach: an useful tool that at the same time is didactical and instructional, and that thanks to photocatalysis purifyies the air of their classrooms on an ongoing way.

Autumn registers a new patent, addressed to the hospitality sector.  The photocatalytic door WiDoor is especially designed for hotels and the healthcare sector.  It is treated with WiWell on both its surfaces, thus fully photocatalytic to simoultaneously hygienize the hotel room or the recovery room and the entrance corridor, fo a fully safe staying!


Going beyond the application in everyday life, WippyIdea wants to go one step further, entering prevention at 360°.  We have visited greenhoses, cultivations and farms, to give our contribution also to the agri-food industry.  The result of this research is WiFarm: sheets treated with our photocatalyitic additive WiWell and intended for greenhose crops, to prevent molds contaminations and to reduce the bacterial load, granting healthy crops and limiting waste.  Also, WiFarm applied in farms can prevent from livestock diseases, thus reducing antibiotics, with obvious benefits also for our organism.


We’re not stopping here: brand new innovative products are coming, with a high technological content and with great aesthetics!