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WiCare is a micropored adhesive film, easy to install, suitable for health-related surroundings, having on its surface several layers of the nanotechnological additive WiWell.

A very simple solution, it perfectly helps keeping safe from a health perspective even the most vulnerable environments like nursing homes, hospitals, dispensaries, waiting rooms.

The photocatalysis induced by our products can substantially reduce and/or eliminate all bad smells due to the most troublesome recoveries; also, it is effective in HAIs prevention and it remarkably improves the quality of the air.

It has well-proven properties towards viruses and bacteria and any other pollutant or organic or inorganic origin, it helps fighting agains allergies.

It is activated by a physical process, not chemical: it hence  works in a natural way, and has no contraindications.

Warranty: 7 years



Nursing homes – hospitals – Dispensaries – Waiting rooms

Applied to walls or cabinets, or as a window sticker to glass doors and windows, WiCare can be easily adapted to any environment and can hygienize indoors and remove all bad smells.